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Let me just start by saying that this was by far the BEST experience I have ever had in buying a home. I was getting my haircut and the gal cutting my hair told me if I was thinking of buying a house to walk across the street and ask for Mike. I did just what she said and haven’t looked back since. It was a very random thing for me to walk in and just say “I was in the market for a house”. Mike’s assistant Tamora was there to greet me with her kind smile. She called Mike and he showed up just a few minutes later. Fully expecting to get the typical run-around like most realtors do, he was the complete opposite. He actually took the time to sit down with me. After I gave him my needs in a new home he immediately went to work for me. The next couple days we had looked at about seven properties but I wasn’t finding exactly what it was that I wanted. Mike then calls me while I was at work and through an idea at me that changed everything. He said if I were willing to pay a little more I could get the place that I was looking for. I figured since he had been so fair in everything so far that I would take his world for it. He had an appointment that evening so he sent his awesome assistant over in his place. When I showed up at the property to say that I was amazed is an understatement! This was not only the place that I wanted but it was much much more. This was a very unique property. I told him I wanted a nice house with a sizable garage. What I got was a nice 940 sq ft home but a huge 1780 sq ft garage! Not only that but there was a completely separate property next door with a garage on it. With my mechanical background this was 100% a bachelors pad if I had ever seen one. I gave Tamora an earnest money check on the spot. Because of the uniqueness of the property the appraisal was tough to get. But again Mike saved the day. He not only got them to appraise, but he got it done in a very timely fashion. Folks this sounds like a bunch of fluff but I am here to tell you that I have never been happier with this whole process. There is more, the appraisal came in and the home needed paint. Mike being the great realtor that he is paid for the painting out of his own pocket because he knew that I had to stay within certain numbers. Mike and his assistant Tamora come very highly recommended from me!!! I absolutely can not say enough good about my experience. Kudos to my finance guy Josh and hos crew as well. Whom ever reads this, trust me this is the guy that you want to help you find/sell your home. Justin

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